Bullet Hell game made with C#



YellowTale is a bullet-hell game where players can choose between three different roles/classes, each with unique abilities and properties.

Class Selection

To choose a class, the game features a built-in menu system accessed through an NPC (Non-Player Character). The NPC is conveniently located at the beginning of the game, allowing players to access it even after leaving the starting house. The menu includes three buttons, each representing a different class. Players can also upgrade their abilities for each class using credits collected throughout the game.

Game Structure

The game world consists of a central location known as the "Town" Map, where the starting house is situated. Players can always return to the Town Map after passing through each biome.


YellowTale has three distinct biomes: the Forest biome, the Ice biome, and the Lava biome. Each biome consists of three standard maps and three dungeon maps.

Standard Maps

The purpose of the standard maps is to showcase the current conditions of the biome and prepare players for combat in the dungeon maps.

Dungeon Maps

Each biome's dungeon maps feature progressively challenging levels. The final dungeon map of each biome concludes with an epic boss fight. Successfully defeating the boss rewards players with a treasure chest containing experience points to unlock abilities, credits to upgrade abilities at the Shop NPC, and food to heal.

Ability Upgrades

Every ability in the game has three skill points, representing its current strength. By upgrading abilities, players can increase their damage output.

This project overview outlines the core features and structure of YellowTale, providing an exciting gameplay experience with diverse classes, challenging biomes, and rewarding progression through ability upgrades.