Rich collection of virtual scenes from around the world contributed by people li


WikiSpaces 3D's mission is to make an ever-growing collection of virtual scenes, "spaces", of real places from all over the world available to everyone for free.

These virtual scenes don't only give you an impression of places around the world, but it also provides great educational value. Especially in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, students are not able to visit interesting places like museums or galleries; but if someone has scanned and shared that particular museum, students can virtually visit it.

In addition to this, WikiSpaces 3D allows you to share the virtual scenes from our platform on your own website by embedding any space into your app. This is only possible because all of our members share their work under the CC BY 4.0 license.


WikiSpaces 3D is an open-source, non-for-profit platform which doesn't currently make any money (but will, eventually). We do not pay any salaries (not even to ourselves). We can, however, make an agreement to pay salaries once the project does have earnings.