Discover the world from your screen



What is VideoTour?

VideoTour is a platform that allows users to experience virtual tours of different places, businesses, and people around their state and municipality. We record and curate content to provide a virtual experience of the world to those who may not have the economic possibility to go for a walk.

How it works

VideoTour works by capturing high-quality videos of various locations, attractions, businesses, and people. We use professional equipment to ensure an immersive and realistic virtual experience. Users can browse through our library of videos and select their desired location or category of interest. They can then watch the videos and explore the places from the comfort of their homes.

The Future of VideoTour

VideoTour aims to become the go-to platform for virtual tours and experiences. As technology advances, we plan to incorporate interactive elements such as 360-degree videos and live virtual tours. We also aspire to collaborate with local businesses and attractions to provide exclusive content and offers to our users. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between virtual and physical experiences and make travel accessible to everyone.

How to make money

VideoTour generates revenue through various channels, including:

  • Advertisement partnerships with local businesses and attractions
  • Premium subscriptions for exclusive content and features
  • Sponsored virtual tours
  • E-commerce partnerships for booking services or purchasing products related to the places featured in the videos


Our team consists of passionate individuals with expertise in videography, content creation, and web development. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality virtual experiences and continuously improving our platform.