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What is TranslateMe?

TranslateMe is a user-friendly web app that allows users to easily translate .json files used by frameworks like React.js and Flutter. It also integrates with Figma to translate Figma designs by extracting the text values from a Figma file.

How it works

TranslateMe provides a simple and intuitive interface where users can upload their .json files or connect their Figma account. The app then extracts the text values from the files or designs and displays them in an organized manner. Users can select a source language and choose an alternative language for translation. They can then provide the translations for each text value.

The Future of TranslateMe

TranslateMe aims to become the go-to platform for translation needs in the development and design communities. We plan to continuously improve the user experience and add more features, such as automatic translation suggestions and collaboration tools.

How to make money

TranslateMe offers a subscription-based model where users can choose different pricing plans based on their translation needs. Additionally, we plan to offer premium features and language-specific translation services for an additional fee.