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Tasty Bites

What is Tasty Bites?

Tasty Bites is a food business that specializes in making and delivering delicious empanadas.

How it works

Customers can place their orders through our website or mobile app, choosing from a variety of mouthwatering empanada flavors. Once the order is received, our skilled chefs handcraft each empanada with love and care using fresh and high-quality ingredients. The freshly baked empanadas are then delivered to the customers' doorstep, ensuring maximum taste and satisfaction.

The Future of Tasty Bites

Tasty Bites aims to become a go-to option for people craving authentic and flavorful empanadas. We plan to expand our menu to include more diverse flavors, cater to special dietary requirements, and explore partnerships with local cafes and restaurants for distribution.

How to make money

Tasty Bites generates revenue through the sale of empanadas. We offer different pricing options based on the number of empanadas ordered, with additional charges for special requests and delivery fees.