Invest in a better future



What is Sustainify?

Sustainify is a socially responsible investing platform that allows users to invest in companies that align with their values and make a positive social impact. By combining financial returns with social and environmental goals, Sustainify aims to create a more sustainable and equitable future.

How it works

  1. Users create an account and complete a risk profile assessment to determine their investment preferences.
  2. Sustainify curates a portfolio of companies that meet the user's investment criteria, focusing on socially responsible and sustainable businesses.
  3. Users can choose to invest in the curated portfolio or customize their own portfolio based on their preferences.
  4. Sustainify provides regular updates on the performance of the investments and the social impact created by the portfolio.

The Future of Sustainify

Sustainify envisions a future where investing and making a positive social impact go hand in hand. As sustainable investing continues to gain popularity, Sustainify aims to become a leading platform for socially responsible investing.

How to make money

Sustainify generates revenue through the following methods:

  • Management fees: Sustainify charges a management fee based on the assets under management.
  • Partnerships: Sustainify forms partnerships with sustainable businesses and earns referral fees for directing investors to these companies.
  • Premium features: Sustainify offers premium features and services for a subscription fee.


Sustainify is made up of a diverse team passionate about sustainability, finance, and technology. We are dedicated to creating a positive impact through socially responsible investing.

Job Opportunities

  1. Sustainable Investment Analyst

    • Conduct research on companies and industries to identify socially responsible investment opportunities.
    • Analyze financial data and performance metrics to assess investment prospects.
    • Develop investment strategies and recommendations based on sustainability criteria.
  2. Marketing Manager

    • Develop and execute marketing campaigns to attract investors to Sustainify.
    • Create compelling content to educate and engage the target audience.
    • Manage Sustainify's social media presence and online advertising.
  3. Customer Success Manager

    • Provide personalized support and guidance to Sustainify investors.
    • Help clients navigate the platform and make informed investment decisions.
    • Monitor and analyze client feedback to continually improve the user experience.