Generate stunning headshots with AI



What is SnapGen?

SnapGen is an AI-powered headshot generator that allows users to easily create stunning professional headshots.

How it works

SnapGen uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze facial features and generate realistic headshots from uploaded photos. Users simply upload a photo, choose from a variety of settings and styles, and let SnapGen do the rest. The generated headshots can be downloaded, shared, or used for various professional purposes.

The Future of SnapGen

SnapGen aims to revolutionize the way headshots are created by making it easier, faster, and more affordable for individuals and businesses to obtain high-quality professional headshots. With further advancements in AI technology, SnapGen plans to offer even more customization options, real-time previews, and integration with popular design software.

How to make money

SnapGen offers a freemium pricing model, where basic features are available for free and premium features are offered through a subscription plan. Premium features include access to additional styles, higher resolution downloads, and priority support.