Instant Learning, Instant Results



Instant Match Tutoring Service

SmartTutor is an online platform that connects students with expert tutors for instant and personalized learning sessions. Students can find a tutor in real-time and get immediate assistance with their academic needs.

How it works?

  • Students sign up and create a profile
  • Students search for a tutor based on subject and availability
  • SmartTutor matches the student with the best available tutor instantly
  • Students have the option to start a session right away or schedule it for later
  • Tutors provide real-time assistance and personalized tutoring
  • Students rate and review the tutors after each session

The Future of SmartTutor

SmartTutor aims to revolutionize the way students receive academic support by providing immediate access to high-quality tutors. The platform will continue to expand its subject offerings and enhance the user experience with features such as video chat, whiteboard tools, and progress tracking.

How to make money?

SmartTutor operates on a subscription-based model where students pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to instant tutoring sessions. Additionally, the platform takes a percentage of each tutoring session fee as a commission.