Empower, Mediate, Resolve



What is ResolvePro?

ResolvePro is a dispute resolution training platform that offers comprehensive courses and workshops for individuals who want to enhance their conflict resolution skills. The platform provides a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training, equipping users with the necessary tools to effectively mediate and resolve disputes in various settings.

How it works

  • Users register and create an account on the ResolvePro platform.
  • They can browse through the catalog of dispute resolution courses and workshops.
  • Upon selecting a course, users have access to video lectures, reading materials, and interactive scenarios.
  • The platform also facilitates role-playing exercises and real-life case studies to simulate practical dispute resolution scenarios.
  • Upon completion of the course, users receive a certification of achievement.

The Future of this project

ResolvePro aims to expand its course offerings to cover a wide range of dispute resolution techniques, including negotiation, mediation, and arbitration. The platform also plans to introduce live webinars and virtual simulations to provide users with immersive learning experiences.

How to make money

ResolvePro generates revenue through course fees, certification charges, and corporate training partnerships.