Simplify Your Business Finances



What is Paygeon?

Paygeon is a cutting-edge payments platform designed to simplify your business finances. With AI-powered features, it automates payments, optimizes vendor negotiations, and requests credit limit increases. It goes beyond by matching vendor payments to business credit reports, providing unparalleled visibility and accountability.

How it works

Paygeon uses advanced AI algorithms to automate payment processes, reducing the administrative burden on businesses. It also analyzes vendor data and negotiates the best terms on behalf of the business. The platform integrates with credit reporting agencies to match vendor payments with the business' credit history, ensuring accuracy and accountability.

The Future of Paygeon

Paygeon aims to revolutionize the way businesses manage their finances by providing comprehensive automation and intelligent analytics. As the platform continues to evolve, it will offer additional features such as cash flow forecasting, expense tracking, and customizable financial reports.

How to make money

Paygeon generates revenue through a subscription-based model. Businesses pay a monthly fee based on the number of transactions and the level of features they require. The platform also earns revenue by partnering with vendors and financial institutions, offering them targeted promotions and analytics based on the data collected.