A platform to learn new skills through gamified, story-based courses

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Mythic Skills

What is Mythic Skills?

A new and revolutionary approach to online courses. By integrating story-telling, useful gamification elements, and cutting-edge AI, it helps knowledge workers to pick up new skills in a way that was not possible before.

How it works

Mythic Skills takes subjects in categories like personal development, entrepreneurship, digital literacy, and more. These subjects are then turned into quest lines in the story where the user is the main protagonist. Completing the course requires the protagonist to get acquainted with the material, interact with characters, practice the skills, and defeat enemies on the way. Once the stages are completed and the protagonist surpasses the trials, he/she will complete the course and have the knowledge and confidence to use the newly acquired skills in the real world.

The Future of Mythic Skills

An ever expanding storyline with new quests added, new characters to meet, new scenarios to discover, new enemies to defeat, and new skills to acquire. Making boring online courses with lots of videos, lots of slides, and lots of hours spent a thing of the past.