Discover, Connect, and Grow in your Muslim community



What is MasjidFinder?

MasjidFinder is a comprehensive platform that helps Muslims find nearby mosques and connect with their local community. It provides a one-stop solution for all their mosque-related needs.

How it works

  • Mosque Search: Users can search for mosques based on location, name, or facilities. They can view detailed information about each mosque, including prayer times, events, and facilities available.

  • Community Hub: MasjidFinder acts as a central hub for the Muslim community. Users can join groups, interact with other community members, and stay updated with community news and activities.

  • Prayer Times Reminder: Users can set personalized prayer time reminders and receive notifications to ensure they never miss a prayer.

The Future of MasjidFinder

Expanding Features: MasjidFinder aims to continually expand its features to cater to the evolving needs of the Muslim community. This includes integrating additional services like online donations, educational resources, and more.

Global Reach: MasjidFinder envisions becoming a global platform, connecting Muslims from around the world and fostering unity and collaboration.

How to make money

  • Premium Listings: Mosques can opt for premium listings to increase their visibility and reach.

  • Advertising: MasjidFinder offers advertising opportunities to businesses and organizations targeting the Muslim community.

  • Partnerships: MasjidFinder can collaborate with organizations to offer exclusive deals and discounts to its users.