Conveniently request loans


Loan Widget

What is Loan Widget?

Loan Widget is a digital tool designed for users to conveniently request loans. It provides a streamlined, user-friendly interface that allows applicants to complete their loan application without navigating away from the page they're on.

How it works?

When activated, the Loan Widget pops up within a modal, guiding the user through a multi-step process. It first asks for the desired loan amount and then inquires about the business's duration, monthly revenue, and credit score. Additionally, it gathers basic personal information like name, address, and email to personalize the experience. Once all details are filled in, the widget communicates with a backend system to process the application and potentially connect with external loan services.

The Future of Loan Widget

The Loan Widget aims to revolutionize the loan application process by providing a seamless user experience. As the demand for digital lending solutions increases, Loan Widget has the potential to become a widely used tool across various industries.

How to make money?

Loan Widget can generate revenue through various monetization strategies:

  • Charging a transaction or processing fee for approved loan applications.
  • Partnering with loan service providers and earning a commission for each successful loan connection.
  • Offering premium features or advanced analytics to financial institutions for a subscription fee.