Create your roadmap for success


Life Plan

What is Life Plan?

Life Plan is a comprehensive guide that helps individuals create a roadmap for success and fulfillment in life. It is a structured framework that covers various aspects of personal development and goal setting.

How it works?

Life Plan is divided into several sections, including:

  1. Dreams: Identify and explore your dreams.
  2. Origin: Reflect on your roots and family background.
  3. Family Tree: Map out your genealogy.
  4. Who Am I?: Understand your identity and values.
  5. Personal Analysis (SWOT): Perform a self-assessment using the SWOT analysis technique.
  6. Life Goals: Set and define your life goals.
  7. Professional Timeline: Create a timeline of your career and professional milestones.
  8. Family Timeline: Develop a timeline of your family's significant events.
  9. Personal Guidance: Seek guidance and support for personal growth.
  10. Actions and Contributions: Plan and execute actions that align with your goals.
  11. Message to the Most Important Person: Craft a meaningful message to someone significant in your life.

The Future of Life Plan

Life Plan aims to empower individuals to lead purposeful lives by providing them with a structured approach to personal development. As more people recognize the importance of setting goals and planning for success, Life Plan has the potential to become a widely recognized tool for personal growth.

How to make money?

Life Plan can generate revenue through:

  1. Book Sales: Publish a physical or digital version of the Life Plan guidebook.
  2. Workshops and Seminars: Organize workshops and seminars to guide individuals in creating their life plans.
  3. Online Courses: Develop online courses that cover the different aspects of life planning.


The Life Plan project requires a diverse team of professionals with expertise in psychology, coaching, and personal development.

  • Psychologist: Responsible for designing the psychological framework of Life Plan.
  • Coach: Provides guidance and support to individuals in creating their life plans.
  • Content Writer: Creates engaging and informative content for the Life Plan guidebook and other materials.

Kanban Board

  • Title: Life Plan

  • Columns:

    • Todo: Tasks that need to be done.
    • Research: Gathering information and conducting research.
    • Design: Creating the visual elements of Life Plan.
    • Writing: Writing and editing the content.
    • Review: Reviewing and revising the Life Plan materials.

Please note that the Kanban Board is a general representation of the project's workflow and may vary depending on the specific requirements and timeline.