Empowering Legal Studies



LegalMentor is an online platform that provides support, tips, explanations, and mentoring in study programs related to German law. With the help of a qualified legal professional, students can enhance their understanding of legal concepts and improve their academic performance.

How it Works

  • Task completion with explanations and tips
  • Assistance in solving assignments
  • Collaboratively developing problem-solving strategies
  • Brief introductions to various legal areas with visual illustrations
  • Introduction and explanation of legal writing techniques (3-step method)
  • Application of legal interpretation methodologies (wording, systematics, teleology, possibly history)
  • Explanation of the principles of separation and abstraction (possible visual illustrations and examples)
  • Offering formulation suggestions
  • Collaborative problem-solving and explanations (students bring their own assignments)

The Future of LegalMentor

LegalMentor aims to become the go-to platform for students seeking support and guidance in their legal studies. We plan to expand our services to cover a wide range of law-related topics and offer personalized mentoring sessions. Additionally, we are developing partnerships with universities to provide supplementary learning materials and resources.

How to Make Money

  • Paid subscription plans for access to exclusive content and features
  • One-on-one mentoring sessions at an hourly rate
  • Advertising partnerships with law firms and legal organizations

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