Simplify event planning with digital RSVP tracking


What is Khanadestiny?

Khanadestiny is a web application designed to simplify event planning by providing digital RSVP tracking. It allows event organizers to manage and track guest count efficiently.

How it works

The web application allows users to create events, send out invitations, and track RSVP responses. Guests can easily RSVP through the platform, and organizers can manage the guest list in real-time.

The Future of this project

Khanadestiny aims to become the go-to platform for event planning and RSVP tracking. With future updates, it will offer advanced event management features and integrations with popular event platforms.

How to make money?

Khanadestiny can generate revenue through subscription plans for event organizers, premium features for large events, and targeted advertising for event-related businesses.