Design, Try, Ink!



What is InkARt?

InkARt is an innovative mobile app that combines the world of tattoos with augmented reality (AR) technology. With InkARt, users can explore, design, and virtually try on tattoos using the power of AR, allowing them to visualize how tattoos would look on their skin before making a permanent commitment.

How it works

InkARt utilizes the camera and AR technology of smartphones to superimpose virtual tattoos onto the user's body in real-time. Users can choose from a library of pre-designed tattoos or create their own custom designs. The app accurately maps the tattoo onto the user's skin, taking into account factors such as placement, size, and curvature.

The Future of InkARt

InkARt aims to revolutionize the tattoo industry by providing a risk-free way for users to explore and experiment with tattoos. The app will continuously evolve, offering new features such as social sharing, tattoo artist recommendations, and integration with tattoo parlors for seamless appointment booking and tattoo realization. InkARt envisions becoming the go-to platform for tattoo enthusiasts, artists, and studios.

How to make money

InkARt will generate revenue through various monetization strategies, including:

  • In-app purchases: Users can unlock premium tattoo designs and additional features such as advanced editing tools and filters.
  • Advertising: InkARt will offer targeted advertising opportunities for tattoo studios, tattoo artists, and related businesses.
  • Tattoo artist partnerships: InkARt will establish partnerships with tattoo artists and studios, earning a commission for each successful referral or booking made through the app.