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What is Infloso?

Infloso is a human-in-the-loop AI marketing platform that helps brands go viral on social media platforms through completely automated word-of-mouth marketing using micro-influencers and social media users at scale, in a single click, with no expertise required and a flexible budget.

How it works

Infloso combines the power of AI technology with a vast network of micro-influencers and social media users to create viral marketing campaigns. Brands can create and launch campaigns with a single click, and Infloso takes care of everything from influencer discovery and campaign management to tracking and reporting.

The Future of Infloso

Infloso aims to revolutionize the way brands approach influencer marketing by providing a fully automated and scalable solution. With the continuous advancements in AI and machine learning, Infloso will continue to evolve and offer even more powerful features and capabilities.

How to make money

Infloso offers various pricing plans based on the scale and scope of the marketing campaigns. Brands can choose a plan that fits their budget and goals. Additionally, Infloso generates revenue through partnerships with influencers and social media platforms.