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What is Graphistock?

Graphistock is a stock graphic library that offers a wide range of free and paid assets for designers and creatives to use in their projects. From illustrations and icons to web templates and mockups, Graphistock has it all.

How it works?

  • Users can sign up and search for specific assets using keywords or browse the different categories available.
  • Users can download the assets for free, or purchase premium assets for a small fee.
  • Users can customize and modify the assets to suit their needs.
  • Users can also contribute their own assets to the library and earn royalties for each download.

The Future of Graphistock

Graphistock aims to become the go-to platform for designers and creatives looking for high-quality assets for their projects. With a constantly growing library of assets and a vibrant community, Graphistock plans to expand its offerings and provide additional features such as tutorials, design challenges, and a marketplace for custom design services.

How to make money?

Graphistock generates revenue through a freemium model. While basic access to the library and most assets is free, users have the option to purchase premium assets for a fee. Additionally, Graphistock offers premium subscriptions that provide users with exclusive access to advanced features and curated collections. The platform also earns revenue through advertising and sponsored content.