Connecting Talent Globally



What is GlobTalent?

GlobTalent is a prompt engineering business that provides a service for Talent Sourcers around the world to quickly access GPT Prompts that will identify key talent globally.

How it works

GlobTalent utilizes GPT, or Generative Pre-trained Transformer, technology to generate high-quality prompts for Talent Sourcers to identify key talent globally. Users can input specific criteria and requirements, and GlobTalent will generate a prompt that can be used to gather relevant information about potential talent.

The Future of GlobTalent

GlobTalent aims to become the go-to platform for Talent Sourcers worldwide, offering an efficient and reliable solution to identify talent on a global scale. As the demand for remote work and global talent increases, GlobTalent will continuously enhance its prompt engineering capabilities and expand its database of talent prompts.

How to make money

  1. Subscription Model: GlobTalent offers different subscription plans for Talent Sourcers to access its prompt engineering service. Subscribers will have unlimited access to GPT Prompts and advanced filtering options.
  2. Promoted Talent Listings: GlobTalent allows talent professionals to promote their talent listings on the platform, providing additional visibility and exposure.
  3. Training and Consultation: GlobTalent offers training and consultation services for Talent Sourcers who want to improve their skills in utilizing GPT technology and maximizing its potential.