Simplify CNC machining

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What is GcodeGen?

GcodeGen is a platform that enables users to generate Gcode toolpaths for CNC machining using an intuitive interface. It simplifies the process of converting 3D models into instructions that CNC machines can understand.

How it works

  1. Upload a 3D model to the GcodeGen platform.
  2. Use the intuitive interface to define machining parameters and toolpath options.
  3. GcodeGen automatically generates the Gcode toolpath based on the user's inputs.
  4. Download the generated Gcode file and load it into a CNC machine.
  5. CNC machine follows the instructions in the Gcode to accurately machine the desired object.

The Future of GcodeGen

GcodeGen aims to become the go-to platform for generating toolpaths for CNC machining. It plans to incorporate advanced features such as simulation and optimization algorithms to enhance the machining process.

How to make money

GcodeGen offers a freemium model where users can access basic features for free. Advanced features and premium tools, such as simulation and optimization, are available through a subscription plan. Additionally, GcodeGen collaborates with CNC machine manufacturers to provide seamless integration and generate revenue through partnerships.