FamilyNotes - is the mobile application for taking and sharing photo notes.

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Many of you love taking lots of pictures, posting them on social media, and sharing them with your friends and loved ones. But it can be hard sometimes to find that one photo that you need right then and there out of thousands of them!

FamilyNotes is a mobile app that lets you create photo notes by taking photos and adding descriptions, categories, and emotions!

Thanks to our advanced organizing system, notes are sorted by folders and categories. Smart search technology helps find exactly what you need exactly when you need it!

FamilyNotes is super easy to use!

Step one. Take a photo. You don't need to switch between FamilyNotes and your camera to take a photo. Use camera mode right in the app.

Step two. Add categories. You can add as many categories to a photo note as you want, as well as a short text description.

Step three. Done! Your photo note has been created and can be easily found using categories. FamilyNotes lets you quickly share your photo notes with our convenient shared folders. When you add notes to them, your friends and family instantly receive a notification.

All your notes are automatically saved and synchronized across devices. All you have to do is register an account in the app.