📸 A simple way to edit your photos and getting satisfied.

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1️⃣ About Edite

Edite was built, in the beginning, to solve most of my problems (and also probably yours) when trying to edit photos. After a time, it came to my head how easy can be if doing it in the right way.

The image editing process is not always about how heavily your edited photos are, or even if the software that will be used is a professional one. Therefore, Edite is here to help you (and me) to determine this (right) way.

Note: Edite still on its alpha-beta transition.

2️⃣ Why use Edite?

⌛ Save your time from installing apps.

🌎 Editing on the language you feel better.

🌈 Use the theme you prefer.

🌱 Share your best shots with an awesome Discord community.

3️⃣ Edite carries about

🧭 Make the users' job easier on image editing, providing simple tools, but also powerful.

🔭 Incentive people to explore photo editing, making it easy and simple.

⚖️ Build in a minimalist way.