Protecting crops, preserving nature



What is EcoTunnel?

EcoTunnel is a revolutionary agricultural product designed to protect crops and promote sustainability. It starts as a soft cover and transforms into a biodegradable tunnel, safeguarding the seeds and soil.

How it works?

The EcoTunnel begins as a flexible cover that is easily applied to agricultural fields. When exposed to sunlight and air, it hardens and forms a protective tunnel over the soil and seeds. The tunnel consists of materials that gradually melt into the soil, enriching it as natural fertilizer within approximately 20 days.

The Future of this project

EcoTunnel aims to be the go-to solution for modern and sustainable agriculture. It aspires to contribute to environmentally friendly farming practices by preserving soil health and protecting crops from adverse weather conditions.

How to make money?

Revenue will be generated through the sale of EcoTunnel products to farmers and agricultural businesses across the globe.