Harmony in the Andes


Dunes Peru

What is Dunes Peru?

Dunes Peru is an Andean musical group that aims to promote and preserve the rich musical traditions of the Andes.

How it works

Dunes Peru performs traditional Andean melodies using traditional instruments such as the pan flute, charango, and guitar. The group combines authentic Andean sounds with contemporary musical elements to create a unique and enchanting musical experience.

The Future of Dunes Peru

Dunes Peru plans to expand its reach and share the beauty of Andean music with audiences around the world. The group seeks to collaborate with other musicians and artists to create innovative and captivating performances that showcase the rich cultural heritage of the Andes.

How to make money

Dunes Peru generates revenue through live performances, album sales, merchandise, and collaborations with other artists. The group also offers workshops and music lessons to enthusiasts who want to learn about Andean music and instruments.