Find the right mechanic, pay with crypto!


What is CryptoMech?

CryptoMech is a mobile app designed to connect users with the right mechanic for their vehicle maintenance needs. It offers the convenience of paying for the services using cryptocurrencies, making the process seamless and secure.

How it works

  1. Users can search for mechanics based on location, services offered, and user ratings.
  2. Mechanic profiles include detailed information, service rates, and accepted cryptocurrencies.
  3. Users can schedule appointments, track service progress, and make payments through the app.

The Future of this project

CryptoMech aims to revolutionize the traditional mechanic service industry by offering a convenient and secure payment option. As cryptocurrencies gain widespread acceptance, CryptoMech will become a go-to platform for users and mechanics alike.

How to make money?

  1. Platform fees: CryptoMech will charge a small percentage on each transaction made through the app.
  2. Premium memberships: Mechanics can opt for premium profiles with enhanced visibility and features for a monthly fee.
  3. Sponsored listings: Mechanics can pay for better visibility in search results and on the app's homepage.