Empowering students through connections



What is ConnectEd?

ConnectEd is an online platform that aims to connect students with their senior college graduates. It provides a platform for mentorship, networking, and guidance.

How it works?

  1. Students sign up on ConnectEd and create their profiles.
  2. They can search for senior college graduates based on their majors, industries, and interests.
  3. Students can connect with their chosen mentors and start meaningful conversations.
  4. ConnectEd also hosts virtual networking events and workshops to facilitate interactions.

The Future of ConnectEd

ConnectEd aims to become the go-to platform for students seeking guidance and mentorship. It envisions a future where every student has access to a supportive network of experienced professionals.

How to make money?

ConnectEd will generate revenue through premium subscriptions for advanced features and targeted advertising to relevant educational institutions and companies.