Convenient, automated car cleaning at your fingertips



What is CleanAuto?

CleanAuto is a self-service automatic car wash system that offers convenient and automated car cleaning at your fingertips. Users can drive in, choose their preferred car wash package, and the system will take care of the rest, leaving their vehicles sparkling clean.

How it Works

  • Drive-in Convenience: Customers can easily drive into the self-service car wash station at their convenience.
  • Package Selection: Users can select their preferred car wash package from the options available.
  • Automated Cleaning: The system will automatically clean the vehicle according to the chosen package, ensuring a thorough and efficient car wash experience.
  • Payment and Completion: After the cleaning process is complete, users can make the payment through the automated system and drive out with a clean car.

The Future of CleanAuto

CleanAuto aims to revolutionize the car wash industry by providing a convenient and user-friendly experience. The future entails expanding to multiple locations, integrating advanced cleaning technologies, and offering eco-friendly car wash options.

How to Make Money?

CleanAuto generates revenue through the sale of car wash packages. Users pay for the specific package they choose, which aligns with their desired level of cleaning and detailing.