Connecting people, empowering communities



CivilLink is a platform that aims to connect people and empower communities through the formation of civil associations. Our platform facilitates the creation and management of civil associations, providing the necessary tools for them to collaborate, organize events, and raise funds.

How it works

  1. Sign up and create a civil association profile on the CivilLink platform.
  2. Connect with other associations and individuals in your community.
  3. Collaborate on projects, such as organizing events, fundraisers, and community initiatives.
  4. Raise funds through crowdfunding campaigns and sponsorships.
  5. Gain visibility and support from a larger network of like-minded associations and individuals.

We envision CivilLink becoming the go-to platform for civil associations worldwide. We want to create a global network of associations working together to make a positive impact on society. With the power of collaboration, we believe we can drive social change and create stronger, more resilient communities.

How to Make Money

CivilLink will generate revenue through a freemium model. Basic features and membership will be free for associations, while premium features, such as advanced analytics and fundraising tools, will be available for a monthly subscription fee.


Our team consists of passionate individuals with expertise in community organizing, web development, and marketing.

Community Organizer

  • Role: Coordinate and engage with civil associations to foster collaboration and growth

Web Developer

  • Role: Develop and maintain the CivilLink platform

Marketing Specialist

  • Role: Promote the platform, attract new associations, and manage marketing campaigns