Capture the Moments



What is CapturePro?

CapturePro is a platform that connects photographers with clients who are looking for professional photography services. It provides a seamless way for photographers to expand their business and reach a wider audience.

How it works

  1. Photographers create a profile on CapturePro, showcasing their portfolio and services.
  2. Clients browse through the photographers' profiles and select the one that best fits their needs.
  3. Clients can book a session with the chosen photographer directly through the platform.
  4. Photographers and clients collaborate to schedule the session and discuss the details.
  5. On the scheduled day, the photographer captures the moments and delivers the photos to the client through CapturePro.
  6. Clients have the option to rate and review the photographer's services.

The Future of CapturePro

CapturePro aims to revolutionize the photography industry by providing a convenient and efficient platform for photographers and clients. With the increasing demand for professional photography services, CapturePro has the potential to become the go-to platform for photographers to expand their businesses and for clients to find the perfect photographer for their needs.

How to make money

CapturePro generates revenue through the following methods:

  • Commission: CapturePro takes a commission fee from each booking made through the platform.
  • Premium Features: Photographers have the option to upgrade their profiles and access additional features for a monthly subscription fee.



As a photographer on CapturePro, your role is to provide high-quality photography services to clients. Your tasks include:

  • Creating a captivating portfolio on CapturePro.
  • Responding to client inquiries and booking requests.
  • Scheduling and coordinating photography sessions with clients.
  • Capturing and delivering stunning photos.

Marketing Specialist

As a marketing specialist, your role is to promote CapturePro and attract both photographers and clients to the platform. Your tasks include:

  • Developing marketing strategies to increase platform visibility.
  • Implementing digital marketing campaigns on various channels.
  • Creating engaging content to showcase the benefits of using CapturePro.
  • Analyzing data and optimizing marketing efforts based on performance.

Customer Support Representative

As a customer support representative, your role is to assist photographers and clients with any inquiries or issues they may have on the platform. Your tasks include:

  • Responding to customer inquiries through various channels such as email and chat.
  • Providing guidance and support to users who are facing technical difficulties.
  • Resolving conflicts and issues between photographers and clients.
  • Collecting feedback and suggestions from users to improve the platform.

Kanban Board



  • Develop the CapturePro website
  • Create photographer and client registration forms
  • Design the user interface for browsing photographers
  • Implement booking system
  • Develop the photo delivery feature


  • Create social media profiles for CapturePro
  • Publish engaging content on social media platforms
  • Collaborate with photographers to showcase their work on social media
  • Launch referral program
  • Generate press coverage
  • Register CapturePro as a legal entity
  • Draft and review terms of service and privacy policy
  • Ensure compliance with data protection regulations
  • Obtain necessary licenses and permits
  • Protect intellectual property

In Progress

  • Design logo and branding materials
  • Develop the photographer profile creation feature
  • Conduct market research
  • Build database of photographers
  • Refine user interface based on user feedback


  • Finalize business plan
  • Secure initial funding
  • Set up team communication tools
  • Establish partnerships with photography equipment suppliers
  • Conduct beta testing