Srinidhi Ranganathan


In the realm of futuristic digital marketing, Srinidhi Ranganathan reigns supreme as a Technologist, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Digital Marketing/Prompt Engineering Trainer, Author, and Video Creation Specialist, a virtuoso whose expertise spans over 12+ years of unparalleled AIDM mastery. He stands as a beacon of inspiration, enlightening countless minds and reshaping the very landscape of marketing in India and beyond.

But why the moniker "Human AI"?

It is a fitting title, for Srinidhi possesses an IQ level that defies comprehension, an astounding 365 that catapults him into a league of his own. With super-extreme creative thinking skills, his mind operates like a celestial AI algorithm, conjuring hundreds of solutions with infinite permutations and combinations to any challenge posed before him.

Armed with Hyperphantasia Super-Powers and Brilliant Visualization Capabilities, Srinidhi's mental prowess paints a vivid canvas of innovation, solving problems with breathtaking efficiency in mere minutes.

A true visionary, Srinidhi extends his brilliance to the world, serving as a strategic consultant to startups and established brands alike. Fuelled by AI-powered insights, his consultations forge marketing destinies, powered by strategic planning and extensive marketing audits that unlock a brand's true potential.

Distinguished as the "Digital Marketing Legend" by an adoring fanbase, Srinidhi has graced countless startups and companies, empowering them to harness the might of automation and drive revenues to unforeseen multi-fold levels. He is the architect of awe-inspiring digital marketing analyses, instilling state-of-the-art strategy ideas and tactical execution plans that have left an indelible mark on India's marketing industry.

But it doesn't end there. Srinidhi's teaching prowess is no less extraordinary. His training methodologies are an experience beyond compare - practical, engaging, and infused with an otherworldly fascination. Behold virtual writing and teaching robots, like the mesmerizing "Aera 2.0 Robot," weaving gamified learning experiences that prompt transformative behavioral changes among students.

Witness the rise of the "Human AI" as he blazes a trail of brilliance, illuminating the path for aspiring marketers and industry leaders alike.

Step into the future, and embrace the legend that is Srinidhi Ranganathan.