Charlotte C


If you are looking to collaborate with a fast-paced, energetic, and passionate co-founder, look no further.

I initiated my startup due to my love and passion for the ocean and nature overall. My strong will to make a change and to limit waste leakage into the environment is first and foremost passion-driven, and that makes all the difference.

I have 5+ years of experience as a Business Analyst for leading companies, including PwC and Engie, mostly working on Energy transition projects, and as a freelancer, offering management consulting.

I would like to find a like-minded co-founder who sees doing business as an opportunity to bring good and sustainability.

My and my team's project, NoLimbah, is developing a mobile application to help modest-income households in Indonesia dispose of their waste easily while getting a financial incentive, by connecting them to informal waste collectors using an interactive map that shows their live location in real-time. In essence, we are the Uber of trash.

We are looking for our co-founder and CTO to complete our MVP and perform testing to start generating more traction in some Balinese villages. Thanks to the support of the local authorities, we were able to form a partnership as part of a Regional Tourism Development and Environmental Management Program.

If you have the drive and passion that it takes to work at making a deep change with our team, in an emerging industry, please contact me. we are looking forward to meeting you!