Why I do what I do:

I envision the world where technology and automation have given us freedom from tedious tasks and everyone can focus on what really matters most to them.

My personal goal is to remove obstacles so that together we can move the world forward.

How I do it:

I focus on automating tedious and repetitive tasks

Identify the best tools for the job and creating integrations between the tools

Make solutions to the problems reusable and standardized.

Approach problems modularly and find the best tool to solve each smaller problem.

Never stop learning to be aware of all the tools and best approaches to apply in the future.

What I do:

I write software, implement build/deploy and test automation pipelines

Facilitate the knowledge and tools sharing among stakeholders by setting up wikis, demos and user groups.

Create UI Mockups to better visualise the end products and gather valuable feedback early on.

Attend and present in developer forums to gain and spread the knowledge amongst peers.

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