An ETL platform that creates a common ground between all data stakeholders


Corows.IO is an ETL platform that leverage frameworks to create a community driven product. The framework allows the Data Engineering community to collectively sculpt their ideal version of an ETL tool while allowing users of different technical backgrounds to participate in the process. This is achieved through the following features.

  • Multi-language Open-Source Blocks: Each flow diagram is built using source, operator, and destination blocks (synonymous to extract, transform, and load). Users can create blocks in their language of choice, for the team it becomes a matter of enabling the technical ETL community rather than expanding integrations for the 'no-code' community.

  • Data Flow Diagram Builder:

Pipelines start with an empty canvas that team members can log into and start building together in real-time. Any user should be able to understand where the data is moving from and to and what's happening to it along the way. In addition to the ability to view previous versions.

  • Public Library and a credit system: If a data team doesn't find an integration or an operator that suites their need, the most technical member can build a custom block following a specified framework and share it publicly to earn credits.